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Route 66 Books

We have assembled a collection of popular Route 66 books available online from Amazon. If this is your first trip along Route 66, you will want to take advantage of our special savings on books and other publications. Please make your selection from the list of Route 66 books below. If you can't find what you are looking for here, please let us know, and we'll try to find it for you.

cover Motorcycle Guide to Route 66

Three turn-by-turn guides to the old road. See exactly how to do it from Chicago to LA or from LA to Chicago. A complete listing of motorcycle dealers along the Route. Laws regarding motorcycles in each of the 8 states the Route passes through, and more.

cover Route 66

Laminated map-guide showcasing the best of America's Mother Road. Features six individual "road trips" for each geographic region along the route.

cover Route 66 Adventure Handbook

Written by Drew Knowles.

cover Route 66 Chronicles: Volume I Shadows of

Shadows of the past over Route 66 in Arizona and New Mexico. Written by Gerald M. Knowles.

cover Route 66 Dining & Lodging Guide - 6th Edition

If you are considering exploring Route 66, you will want to take this valuable, glovebox-size guide along. There are over 300 dining & lodging establishments listed. Brief evaluations of each establishment are included.

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Route 66 Search

Route 66 Search is the world's largest Route 66 database! We have more than 700 motels, restaurants, items of interest listed in our search engine. All information was entered into our database by manually, so you won't find search results that are not related to Route 66 here. We have been around for many years, and we know how to help you search Route 66 the right way. Visit Route 66 Search before and during your next trip, and get your kicks on Route 66!

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